Places to find me:

piggo with a magnifying glass

Twitter: cabysoft
pretty damn active, occasionally posts about commissions and adoptables will only post here, as well as sketches.

Newgrounds: cabysoft
updated regularly, checked regularly, and I post my animations here too!

Furaffinity: cabysoft
updated regularly, checked regularly, I reply to comments but not notes. caby
checked regularly, where I store my characters as well as their art and writing! occasionally post things here first. caby
testing the waters with this one, sheezy lives again!! thinking of posting art and animation here.

Weasyl: caby
I have this one hooked up to postybirb, though I don't check it as regularly,,

Neocities: caby
A secondary, smaller personal site! Mostly use this for finding other people with similar interests, feel free to interact :D

Other ways to contact me:

my personal email! trying to be better at actually checking my emails :P
my business email! enquire here for any commission questions. please note that this is checked by both me and my boyfriend, and we both respond to emails. I do read everything though!

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