Heading out so soon? That's alright, but please, let me give you some suggestions on where to head next!

My friens!

The lovely people I talk to on the daily >:3

My boyf! A talented guy who draws cute little animal people, makes bops, rambles endlessly about many interesting topics, and is almost certainly in the middle of some kind of project. Or several,, Anything from midis to running NES games in Animal Crossing's emulator. Check him out!

A talented and hardworking-to-a-fault artist from Canada and good bud of mine! Currently working on her webcomic project, Wisp, which is many years in the making now! If you like vampires, cryptids, cute lil animals, and cynical Canadian humour, you'll love her site!

A silly little guy with interests in computery goodness, photography, plushies and anything to do with fluffy animals,, Super talented programmer too, you'll find lots of neat stuff on his site. He's the one behind AutoSite, a program I use heavily in my own site building!

A talented musician and voice actor, and another Canadian! *gasp* Creates awesome music, posts funny voice clips to our Discord server, will talk about anime until the world ends. Check out his site for some of his music and other schtuff >:3

This time he's really gonna do it. Cool guy who makes funky videos and occasionally builds sites too! The original creator of Blips.club. Funny guy, resident cryptid,,

Other cool folks:

Other fun sites that I've enjoyed peeking at,,

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