July 2021

Art Fight month! As always, it overtook the entire month, though not quite as badly as last year. I only hit 50 attacks instead of 100! Still, there were some favourites I did, so I’ll throw them in here where I can.

An Art Fight attack on Twitter user Doekis, and two of her lovely characters, Kissy and Dove. These two were perfect for this sort of retro style, and I had a lot of fun with it! I experimented with both a looser painting style and also with adding a foreground to my pictures. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I’m very happy that Doekis liked it too ;w;

Here’s one I really recommend you open in full! One of two big group pictures I did this year. They’re various MLP characters I found while browsing the Art Fight site, all enjoying a nice, sunny day in a G1 inspired environment and art style. I had a whole lot of fun with it, and the second one too, which you can check out here, as well as the night version which I made for funsies. :3

It was an interesting challenge, as I had made smaller retro MLP drawings before, but nothing of this scale before. It let me both develop my style for drawing the ponies, and also the backgrounds. Very glad I did it.

Gosh, what’s this?~ An Art Fight attack on someone familiar,,,

Yes indeed, this year Cammy went ahead and made an Art Fight account, to post his very first digital drawing as an attack on me! It’s of my Pinede lad Dai, and you can check it out on his DeviantART. Give it a favourite if you haven’t already, it’s so cute~

As such, I of course had to get my revenge, and I did so by drawing one of his Pinede lads, Nicholas. I chose to draw him fishing on a warm day, as it had been rather warm over here too. I had a bunch of fun using my watercolour brush to paint the background, and a funky pencil brush to line it all. The colours came out way more vibrant than I was expecting, but I’m not complaining, hue,,

Can’t remember quite what spawned this idea, but it was probably a mixture of things. Browsing Yerf again, poking through some vintage webcomics, and just general spergery.

I’ve been pondering restarting Capy Comics for some time now, but I’ve never gotten around to it. The whole “sitting home and doing nothing for a year” thing definitely didn’t help. But I also wanted it to be something a bit more substantial. I started Capy Comics when I was a very isolated, introspective person, so it was all just me and random thoughts and happenings that occurred to me. But I have friends now, I’ve got people to talk to, and that sort of removed the need for it in my life.

I’ve also just had a whole lot more I need to draw between personal projects and commissions, so that removes a lot of mindless doodling opportunities for me.

But this was a fun idea I had, as a potential rebirth of the comic. A late 90s, early 2000s webcomic centered around my friends and I, and the goofy shit we say and do together. Cammy came up with the idea that we’re all running a computer repair shop in Cardiff, which I loved.

So yeah, still nothing set in stone, but everyone seemed really into the idea, so when I have a bit more time to draw, it’s something I’d love to do :>

And now for something completely different! I’m not sure if I posted it to the blog, but you can find it on my Toyhouse, a while back I drew a “fantasy Wyn” in his usual anthro style. I believe it was pre-Pinede, so he wasn’t meant to fit in that world. But it did plant an idea in both Cammy and I’s heads.

So after a lengthy discussion recently about another far-flung idea for the future, I redesigned his fantasy form to fit in with Pinede’s style, all doughy and far less anthro. He’s an adventurer and a thief, though he means well. What is that idea, you may ask? Well, let us figure out the logistics first,,,,

This is so stupid, but I felt like I had to put it somewhere. While once again browsing Yerf, I came across a “personal photo”, AKA the 90s version of a selfie, of a man showing off his new toy furby. This man, bless, looked for all the world like a bootleg Styx. I showed it to Cammy and he agreed.

One thing lead to another and I ended up sketching a Styx fursona. He’s a Siamese cat. Hue

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  1. devon Says:

    Art Fight was truly fun, honestly 50 attacks is still massive amount. Definitely less tiring compared to last year, I think. Lot of yours were really great, Pony ones are amazing.

    Looking forward to this comic, idea’s really fun

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