August 2021

A post on time? What a world…

I did a whole bunch of redesigns of characters this month, all for Pinede, and all turning homeless characters into lads suitable for various parts of our comfy little fantasy world.

First, meet Fairbanks, a black girdled lizard who specialises as an ice mage, living on the outskirts of Volkhov. She’s a bit of a loner, and fiercely dedicated to her craft, having been given the gift of eternal warmth by the ice deity, allowing her to live safely and comfortably in a barren, frozen world no other lizard would ever survive in.

She was originally a salamander character that my good friend Borb adopted but never found a use for. You can find her old art here, in case you’re curious about the initial design. I liked her colours and the idea of her powers, and wanted to give her a more solid home. I even kept the northern lights idea, as her latest experiment of combining ice and lightning magic to form bright, colourful lights in the sky.

Another redesign for Borb! She has a few old, dear characters lying around after a project fell through, and she was wondering about redesigning them to fit into Pinede. I was asked to redesign a dragon lad named Trick.

A bit of context here, I’ve been bouncing the idea around for dragon species in Pinede, and as a group we decided it’d be neat if there was one dragon species for each deity, so Water, Fire, Ice, Magma, Ground, Lightning and Blood. I’ve been gradually pondering different dragon designs since then. The three most concrete ones so far are Water, Ice and Ground. Trick here is an Ice dragon, with a sharp horn on his nose for breaking through ice, a thick fur coat and thumbs on all four feet.

He’s also “calidistic”, a term I made up for a warmly coloured Ice dragon, a callback to Trick’s old designs. Another quirk of the mutation is weaker ice magic, meaning he’s far more sensitive to the cold and not as capable casting spells. Hence his little locket made of ice crystallum to boost his powers.

I also started redesigning another character of hers, so I might as well throw that here too, a more adult Ice dragon with a few battle scars. His name is Jenju. The marking on his shoulder is another experiment, a potential decoration a dragon might use.

A redesign for myself this time! A couple months back someone who wasn’t old enough to pay me asked for me to draw their character, offering a character as payment. I, as a gigantic softie, accepted this, and ended up with a little pink alien cat thing called Spoon. While rather cute, I had no use for Spoon, so he just sat on my toyhouse for some time.

That is, until we started brainstorming dragons for Pinede. One of the immediately popular ideas was the idea to make Ground dragons anthros. The idea behind this is that they’re the most neutral, accessible, common kind of crystal, so the dragon would be the same. As such, these doofy, squishy dergs were born…

Not long after, I had the overwhelming urge to turn Spoon into a dragon, so I did just that. He’s fire-aligned, due to his colouration, and is a peppy, hopeful student in the University of Murad. Due to his alignment, he feels a bit cold in Murad, despite the heat, which has triggered a cute trait of Ground dragons, growing a thick, fluffy coat of fur in chilly weather. He’s also rather clumsy, hence the singe marks on his cape…

And now for something completely different!

Out of the blue earlier this month, I received an email from a very kind person requesting a commission of Minty from G3 of My Little Pony, drawn in my G1-inspired style. I gladly accepted and got to work.

Took a little while, but they were a very polite client, and I ended up with this! Had a bunch of fun with this, a bunch of different little experiments going on here. I experimented with different ways of painting tree leaves and grass, as well as using a new brush to line the pony herself. Also, the first time I’ve drawn water in one of these! Overall, very pleased. Did crazy well on Twitter too, totally unexpectedly. Bizarre but appreciated~

First off, read the story this was inspired by if you haven’t already, it’s one of Cammy’s best so far, super vibey. Doooo iiiit

While reading through the chapters Cammy had gotten done already, I ended up with a strong visual in my head of Gonzo, sat in the driver’s seat of his camper, reading through his latest copy of Cyclone Monthly with a concerned expression on his face. And thus, I had to draw it,,

This is what came out of that, and I’m happy with it. Used a bunch of warm tones and a slight glowy effect to make it look as hot as possible, meant to be a heatwave, after all. I went fast and loose with the perspective, but I think it looks okay. The vehicle is based on a 1986 Winnebago that I scoured the internet for photos of the interior. Doesn’t look like I used much of it, but it was very useful for figuring out how to draw the chairs and the dashboard, as well as the detailing on the bits of wall you can see and the shape of the windows. It’d be a cosy little haven if it wasn’t for the fact the air con’s broken.

Went into one of my fabled art tunnel vision moments where I just drew for a couple hours, not moving or checking my messages, but it was worth it because I got this thing done in less than a day. I would’ve liked it to be more cluttered, but I drew this on my laptop and the poor thing was struggling by the time I saved the flat image. Ah well, at least I got a bobblehead luau alien in there…

And something simple and self indulgent to finish us up… Cammy and I have long since pondered what it might’ve been like had we met earlier in our lives, or simply how our old sonas would’ve interacted. That topic of conversation came back recently, and I ended up getting the urge to doodle something for it. So here, have my wonky first attempt at drawing a honey badger Cammy :>

We like to imagine those two are relaxing together these days, playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2-3 on the PS2 and going on long walks. It’s like a retirement for old fursonas, catching up on some good times that they missed out on back in the day.

This was drawn on Paint Tool SAI by the way! I was feeling extra nostalgic, so I went and found an old cracked copy, similar to the one I used back in the day, and doodled a bunch with it. Lotsa fun.

To end this post off, have this extremely accurate representation of baby Caby and Cammy interacting.

4 Responses to “August 2021”

  1. Cammy Says:

    Can confirm now that Apple indeed suxxorz :kkpensive:

  2. caby Says:

    hehehehe windowz superiority :sunglasses:

  3. metalynx Says:

    The old sona thing’s so precious. There was a point in late 2018, early 2019 where I debated having a gray wolf or South American gray fox sona before I found lynxes. Before then, gee, I dunno what it could’ve been when I was small, like a cheetah or a dalmatian. That’s some stuff I wanna play around with since false foxes and that are still cool. People call em zorros.
    Great work with the new Pinede lads, btw! And it’s cool to hear about how the Gonzo piece came together >:3c

  4. caby Says:

    Old sonas are always adorable, especially when they come from when people were little. It’s neat to think about what animals you used to identify with back in the day. Gray wolf sonas are classic and very valid. Would be super neat to see more designs from you, man >>:3c

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