October 2021

I’m slipping again! Nuuuuu

This was a pretty damn busy month overall, feels good. Feels like I’m getting somewhere with my art again. Hoping to continue that into November! For now though, here’s a few favourites from October :>

Starting off with something from pretty early in the month, a lil headshot of a pretty new face! As I mentioned in the previous art blog entry, Cammy and I have been pondering the idea of his sona having some transformational powers, the ability to turn into different species, while still retaining his colours and general bouf. Once again, I drew his wolfie form :3c

This piece was heavily inspired by a lot of stuff I’ve seen on one of my many Yerf binges, specifically a style where artists inked and coloured traditionally and then added effects and a background digitally. This was all obviously done digitally, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. Super glowy and warm, and he even used it as an icon for a bit~

Another new face! I have no willpower and I wanted to see an otter Cammy real bad, so I sketched one,, Big 90s glasses because I still had a Yerf fixation going on…

Cammy decided that each of the different species of Cammy should have a slightly different personality, though all true to the real boy. Otter Cammy’s a bit more of a dweeb than badger Cammy, more spergy and stimmy, and is always ready to jump into the nearest body of water. This means that nearly every time you meet him, his hair’s still drying off,,,

He’s also adorable, but that goes for all of them,,,

More otter Cammy! He and Caby making the most of the fact they’re both aquatic mammals and swimming together. I had a vision in my head that had to be drawn, even though the general aesthetic is extremely out of season,, But I couldn’t have these two swimming in frigid, wintery waters,,,

Once again, highly inspired by Yerf and old digital art in general, so I used a lot of airbrush on this one. I used three brushes with this, a really lovely inky brush for lining (that I edited my pressure controls for, a risky move that paid off, bless), the plain gpen for the flat colours, and an airbrush with pressure control for the shading and background. Very very pleased with this one.

And on the subject of changing faces… Cammy’s been pondering for a bit what mari would be if he wasn’t a flareon, and the general consensus is he’d be a pomeranian, which I very much agree with,,, Recently that discussion point came up again, and I ended up wanting to draw him as one, and thus I did :3c

He’s still super floofy, and he kept his vaporwave glasses and general orange tones, though not quite as vibrant. And of course, he kept his smug and sassy attitude,,

Other than in this one other drawing I did to act as a sprite in a recent stream of his, in that one he’s just a doof,,

(Oh, and in this form, his name is marf >:3c)

Now here’s something exclusive to the blog~ :3c

Before we decided that the stream sprite should be pom marf, and because I was experiencing some insomnia, I spent an hour or two after Cammy had gone to bed drawing a little halloween-y mari to be a potential stream sprite. It’s a simple concept, a flareon with bat wings and little spikey teefs. One of those things that started as a doodle, and then felt like I should line it a bit, soI lined it,,, and then I coloured it,,, and then it was done! Oops,,

Of course, this didn’t end up getting used, and then in the general hustle and bustle of life, forgot to even show it to him,, Ah well, he gets to see it now :3c

I also made a little alternate headshot version with different wings, because why not?~

Another exclusive, though not quite as exciting, have a little doodle I did while testing out the lovely, inky brush that i ended up using in that otter Cammy pic. I discovered it goes very well with my watercolour brush, it’s a combo I must use again at some point,,

For now though, enjoy the green cat gal~

One more as a bonus, because this has been a busy old month and I didn’t wanna leave this one out,, A gay little doodle I did for Cammy of our sonas cuddling while he plays something on his DSi. The sketch was originally in daytime clothes, but we were feeling comfy and sleepy, so I switched it to pyjamas before lining :3

It’s in a lining style I don’t use very often anymore, so it was nice to play around with it again, and it’s always nice to draw us together~

Thas it for this month’s art blog post, apologies if it’s a bit more freeform than usual, I haven’t been up to writing recently. But I didn’t want to leave this any longer, so I just winged it. Thanku byeeee

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