November 2021

November went by ungodly quick, and it’s already the 6th of December somehow, as of writing this. But whatever, it’s definitely not the latest I’ve been,,,

Have some doodles to tide us over through the most festive month of the year, aw yiss.

Occasionally I feel the urge to draw piggos. Here’s some piggos I sketched while warming up sometime in November. Stuff like this is always welcome because it means I actually have pictures I can send to my grandparents to prove I am indeed still drawing. It’s also super fun because it allows me to use my fiddly but pretty brushes, like my watercolour brush, because colouring a fluffy potato is dead easy.

I’m pleased with how these lil lads turned out, in any case. It was an experiment in loose, quick sketching, and I’m pleased with the results. I wanted them to look animated and lively, which I think worked especially well in that top sketch. Both very much in my comfort zone and totally out of it. Fun stuff~

More watercolour brush! But a completely different subject, too. Something inspired by one of Cammy’s stories from around this time two years ago, The Observer. I definitely recommend reading it if you haven’t already. The idea behind this particular doodle was envisioning where they might be around Christmas the year after they met in this scene. Something soft and delicate and lovey in a spergy way.

I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out, especially because the framing I chose ended up being surprisingly challenging. I’d never drawn these characters from the back before, so it was an interesting experiment. I could point out the areas I’m not happy with, but I feel that wouldn’t be getting into the festive spirit,,,

More pennyverse~

So, Gonzo was first drawn in June of 2019, more than two years ago. His original design was based on the brown bunnies in Minecraft, as Cammy got one accidentally stuck in his garden on a group server we had. We ended up naming him Gonzo, making a bunch of jokes about him smoking weef, and getting attached. So, I drew him up as a Pennyverse character. Here’s the original for those who haven’t seen the lad.

(Click it to see it bigger)

Now, his personality has changed a lot since then. Like a crazy amount. He used to be a paranoid, frazzled drug addict living in the woods, basically. Now he’s not drug addled or particularly frazzled, he’s just a little kooky. His fascination with aliens and cryptids remains though.

While making a drawing that I can’t yet show anyone, I realised that his markings suck, at least compared to a more recently designed character, Calhoun. I decided it was time for a redesign. I smoothed out his markings, added more of them, and made his colours warmer and his fur fluffier. I’m happy with how it turned out, I think the paler snout markings help shape his face and give him more shape, and the arm markings look less like gloves.

Good times, good boy.

And now for something completely different!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this anywhere, but I sure did save it as a png, so I must have intended to at least. It’s a very basic, uncoloured sketch of an older Daf, with his girlfriend whom I have not named yet because I suck at names. My dude discovers women at like 25, god bless. I think it’s a cute sketch, I might colour it sometime if I have the time. I’ll have to figure out what the hell Dai is doing with his arms though, he’s looking kinda strange currently.

From Pennyverse to Wyn’s World to Pinede!

The story behind this one is that I had a dream one night about some random nonsense, but within that nonsense was a yellow fox girl. I think in the context of the dream, she was someone’s OC, but obviously that person within my dream does not actually exist, so I took the design. I then doodled her a bit, showed her to Cammy. He wanted to see her in Pinede, so I decided to doodle her a bit more, but in an anthro style that was more suited to Pinede. I drew her in her wandering gear, as well as in some sleep wear, because why not~

She hasn’t got a name yet, and I haven’t drawn her since, but she’s cute and I’m happy with these sketches, they came out real solid, I think. And Cammy likes her, so win-win :3c

One last drawing for this here November post! Two more currently unnamed characters, this time in the Pennyverse. I hadn’t drawn them in a long while, so they were deserving of another go. Chinchilla girl and pine marten girl, lesbiabs. I’ve decided that chinchilla girl works in Apricot Bay’s big, ancient library, enjoying the peaceful, slow workdays, and pine marten girl likes to think of herself as a bit of a rebel. Of course, she’s a softie at heart, all of my OCs tend to be~

I used my pencil brush again for this one, it’s a firm favourite of mine at the moment. Produces these really soft, lovely lines that while a bit more effort to colour, do give me some really nice results. I’m happy with how this doodle turned out, though there’s bits and pieces I’d like to fix if I were to draw it again.

In any case, good lads. I hope to work more with them and figure out more of their characters (and their names,,) as time goes on.

And that’s it for November! Onto December and many festive doodles, most likely,,

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  1. devon Says:

    ayyy, it’s great to see so many great lads here. especially daf, didn’t seen him a while. would love to see more of wyn’s world stuff in the future

    good piggos too!

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