September 2020

September 30th, 2020

I did a fun little challenge with friends where they gave me a character and a Neopets paintbrush, and I’d attempt to design a version of said lad in that colour. I was given Seb and the Royalboy paintbrush, and this was born. Seb looking all snooty in his royal, fluffy cape and his shiny crown. I also shifted his colours so he was more “royal blue”.

I also got a request for Lince and the electric blue brush, Polaris and the fire brush, and Sapphire and the cloud brush. I tried to keep as accurate as I could with them, sampling colours from official sprites and taking design cues from them too. I made Sapphire fluffier and replaced her scarf with a cloud, made Polaris a darker grey to compliment the flames, and kept the markings on Lince simple and striking. Twas a fun challenge to complete.

I’m terrible at interior design but I wanted to show Cameron how I imagined Riley’s studio/apartment. He converted a large showroom on the top floor so that he could make full use of the sunlight coming in from the large, angled windows, both for his potted plants and for his painting. It’s only a simple sketch but that’s all I needed, really.

On the wait up until Spooky month! To celebrate, I doodle my spookiest lad, Candy Corn. He’s a mysterious being but a kind soul deep down… I attempted a sort of retro print look with the colours, discovered a fun way to make papery, earthy textures in Clip Studio, I think I pulled it off okay.

A mystical, peaceful spirit peers at you through kind eyes… I felt the urge to draw forest spirit Caby again, which is always welcome~ Was in a sort of retro cartoon/anime mood, enjoying the painterly, colourful backgrounds and thin lines on the character themselves. A fun contrast. Other than that, always fun to draw Caby~

I got the prompt “purple and blue siamese. it wears louboutin heels. it wears crocs.” from a fursona generator, and immediately envisioned a dumbass cat wearing completely mismatched shoes. It was so endearing that I had to draw them. And thus, whatever this is was born…

Cammy and I were talking about species in Pinede, and we ended up peeking at jerboas for a moment, and decided that they’d make good messengers, especially in the deserts around Murad. Soooo I doodled one. No name as of right now, but adorable nonetheless~

August 2020

August 31st, 2020

August was a very weak month for art, I just kinda didn’t draw. So apologies about slim pickings, I was tired…

A simple little doodle of a goofy badger boy. The ink-like brush I used and the greyscale colours make it look kinda 90s, which while not my original intention, is pretty neat.

And then suddenly, setter Cammy returns! I fiddled with his colourscheme a bit, making his hair a lighter, reddish colour and the white of his fur more grey. Pink, circular glasses and doofy, floppy ears to complete the adorable look~

So, imagine for one moment, a sea slug mixed with a ferret. From space. That’s what a slerret is. And I love them so damn much. They’re gonna nibble on bread in your kitchen and leave tiny little glowing blue pawprints as they make their escape…

A tiny little doodly Bunny I drew absent-mindedly, before deciding it was nice enough to colour…. Then I thought “why not shade it?”.. And then I thought “might as well add a background…”
And now we’re here.. It’s aight.

Another case of me doodling aimlessly, this time turning into some white cat-like creature with big, blue eyes and very fluffy hair. It sort of reminds me of how I used to doodle in my 3ds notes. Good times…

Now last but certainly not least, a new character joins the fray! Cameron and I have been busy at work with Pinede, and this girl right here is one of the lads we’ve created. She’s a jeweler down in Caerpinwyd, shy but passionate for her craft. Also she’s adorable..

July 2020

July 31st, 2020

Sooooo uh, I didn’t update this for 3 months, apologies about that. I rejigged my whole Art Gallery set up, so hopefully things work out this time. But less blabbering from me, on with the drawings,,,

Also, sidenote, absolutely destroyed myself with Art Fight this month, meaning most of what I drew this month was attacks (101, to be exact, yes I am insane.) and thusly this offering is meager and the next few months are me just lying in a deflated heap and watching animal videos.

A caby I drew after I realised I hadn’t drawn a normal version of her in ages. Missed dressing her more like me irl really, so I did just that. The return of her classic wine red jumper, even though I still can’t find the real counterpart of it anywhere,,,, Quite like how it turned out, especially the hair. So fluffy~

I drew this adorable lil Wyn and then just didn’t post him anywhere. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did post him somewhere, but then I deleted my account because the site sucked, so now he’s here, safe and sound~

Sooo there’s this thing I found while I was still on Neocities, called the Kiarrcats of Ryll, and I always thought it was super cool. I’ve been trying to create an OC for it for years now and I’ve never managed it. This is one of those attempts. They’re an Air Kiarrcat and I wanted to go for a sorta dark reddish colour palette, so I slapped a starfield I thought looked neat over it and then forgot about it. Oh well, I’ll come back to it >:3c

Kapy returns! I missed drawing her. My aim here was to redesign her face markings, because I thought I had a good, consistent set down but then Art Fight 2019 happened and absolutely no one but me knew how to draw them. So I’ve sorta been thrown into flux with them since then. This set I think works quite well though. We’ll see for next Art Fight though…

Have an Art Fight attack I did this year, experimenting with both painting and perspective. Mixed results in both, but overall I’m pleased with it. Saw these two apple-themed lads and knew exactly what I had to draw. Note this new, fancy, oil-esque brush I found for Clip Studio, it’s lovelyyy

One more Art Fight attack, this time on borb’s lad, Sophius. She wrote a short story about him exploring a cave not too long ago and I was definitely inspired by that. Had a lot of fun with this, even though it was totally out of my comfort zone. I have a lot of practice painting trees and grass, but rocky cliffs are another story. I think it came out alright overall though.

June 2020

June 30th, 2020

As expected, June was rich with doodles, turns out not showing anything to anyone helps collect items. Apologies for the late update! Cammy poked me enough and I finally got around to it uwu

Let’s start with Pennyverse. I remade Catherine’s refsheet this month, as I was never happy with her old one, which you can still see on her toyhouse profile. She needed to be smaller and fluffier, and I think I achieved that… She’s a pink fairy armadillo after all, they’re pretty tiny, fluffy lads.

One of the lesser lads in the pennyverse world, but still one I like a lot. Charlie the coatimundi, a friendly, passionate guy trying to make it in the local political scene. He works at the mayor’s office and takes pride in his work. His vaguely shifty look is mostly surface level… He might leave you an I.O.U every once in a while, but he’s a man of his word when push comes to shove.

Daf continues to be one of my favourite ocs, to draw and just in general. Here’s a quick bust of him that Cammy described as looking like a portrait on the back of a book or something similar. I’ve been playing a lot with watercolour and pencil brushes recently, trying to create a real comfy traditional-inspired style, so I’m glad to have hit that vibe. Such a dramatic lad >:3c

Fantasy furs? Did someone say fantasy furs? That’s right, we’re back on that wagon and it feels great. Calelira has basically been entirely dropped in favour of something more fun and less confusing. We’re starting with a town, and this here is Titus, the wolven leader of the weaponry section of the town guild, in his younger, angrier years… He’s calmer now, you’ll learn more about him in future~

Another lad of ours, the son of a farmer with big ambitions to become a member of the guild. He’s still too young but that doesn’t stop him from practicing with his bow every chance he gets. Again, much to ramble about soon enough >>:3c

Last but definitely not least, this month marked a birthday for young Mon, so I had to draw him something as a gift. Thus this picture was born, with all our sonas and Mon’s signature cans of Tab. Again, playing with the watercolours and such, think it came out super fun and sort of illustration-y, it’s what a Somnolescent kids book would look like, whatever on earth that would be.

May 2020

May 31st, 2020

This month was almost entirely mermay, apologies for slim pickings,,, Should be more to enjoy next month.

Got the first half of a 6 fanart thingy done, and then fell off onto other things. Starting to think I’ll never finish it. Ah well, something to try another day. Still pleased with the ones I completed, in any case, tried to keep loose and sketchy and fun with them.

Saw a twitter prompt about drawing an oc like a 1950s-60s cereal box mascot, and then also as a 2000s cereal box mascot. I’ve been on a roll with Bunny so I decided to use her for this. I haven’t completed the 2000s one, though I plan to. But anyway, very pleased with how the 50s-60s one came out so you might as well see it now.

Caby? Drawing youtuber fanart? A horrifying concept. Luckily it won’t become a common occurrence, I just started doodling and it turned into Devyn Crimson. You might be able to guess that my fashion skills are not what hers are, :blobweary:

Not gonna fill this art gallery entry with mermaids, could bore you to tears with the sordid details of drawing scales and shading water. But I shall show you this one, because I like it, I made the brush, and everyone in Somnol liked it too. It’s a sea snake sliding about in the sea foam, after Cameron gave me that tidbit of trivia about how sea snakes are attracted to the stuff. Came out nicely colourful.

For a good month before this, I’d felt this urge to redesign Penny. Her design is so full of blank space and adding more fluff just seemed to ruin her silhouette, so instead I did something risky and crazy, I decided to change her markings. The original plan was to give her darker orange stripes, but her big, dumb head kept turning out far too busy. I tried calico on a whim and we all grew fond of it. I think it suits her nicely.

Sketching ideas for a whole different world, this time for Wyn’s universe. The main cast are mostly still in high school, so I felt the need to design some kinda uniform. It’s probably gonna change but ties and shirts give me ‘nam flashbacks. So for now we shall stick with this. Wyn looks neat in it anyhow.

To try and make up for how little is going on in this entry, have an extra doodle. A little forest spirit Caby to tide us all over~