Dear web wanderer, please draw a cat.

Pretty simple request, right? Once you've done this, email your drawing to me at, along with a name to link it to, if you wish. A few rules to keep in mind though:

  1. No NSFW! This should be obvious but just in case,,
  2. No reference, do not look up a picture of a cat, do not purposefully reference another artist, simply draw what you think of first when you hear the word "cat".
  3. On a similar note, don't look at the gallery before drawing your cat either.

And that's it! Please also note, I'm especially encouraging those who are not artists to participate, though those who do draw are also more than welcome. I'll take digital, I'll take traditional, I'll take whatever. Send it my way! And go tell your friends too, though don't share your drawings amongst yourselves either.

Check out the gallery...

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