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5th of October, 2021


I am sitting here at just past 1am, waiting for my internet to maybe come back for a couple minutes so I can say goodnight to Cammy. Felt I might as well pass the time by writing a little update, seeing that I haven't put anything here in a bit. Quite a while, actually. Oops...

So, update on the whole universal credit thing. I am now on sick leave! I know, impressive, I managed to get a sick note from my doctor before I got a job. I see it as progress, though, as I'm on sick leave for my anxiety, and am in the process of getting some support for that. I have a phone appointment with the mental health specialists later today, as it is now the 5th, and while I'm not sure what to expect of that, I think it'll be a good thing. It's definitely an issue that needs support, as it's affected me negatively since high school and isn't getting any better by itself. So yeah, fingers crossed.

And on the subject of medical appointments, I had the lovely experience of spending about five hours in A&E a few days ago. I, as a very smart person, got my finger caught in the blades of our blender, and got a pretty nasty wound for my troubles. I was very lucky in two regards, one, I kept my finger firmly attached and didn't break any bones, and two, it was my right hand and therefore hasn't stopped me from doodling, though it has greatly slowed my typing.

I got about six stitches, and a bunch of strong painkillers, which was much appreciated. God bless our health workers, I tell you what. I should be getting the stitches out on the 8th of this month, the doctor said it's healing nicely.

The upside of all of my various doctors appointments is that I've been getting out of the house a whole lot more, which has been great for my general mental wellbeing. Add in the supermarket trips and the potential of going into town again, it's pretty hype.

As far as art stuff goes, I've been doing pretty well. I've got one piece of owed art I need to get done, though I have notified them of the hand issue (I can draw with my left hand, but the pain was ridiculous for a few days, and the painkillers make me woozy, so I didn't feel it was fair on either of us for me to try and finish it right now.)

Other than that, I got a Halloween piece done to post to my various social medias, and I'm working on a lil something for the site this year! I'm looking forward, feeling super festive. Both for Halloween and for Christmas,,

That's all for now, and my internet has woken back up, so yeah, goodnight, love you all.

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