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1st of June 2020

alligator lizards in the air...

Long update time! Because my junk pile's looking a little barren...

For about a year now, probably longer, I've been neglecting my site. Between trying to make my social media accounts more active and just a general dissatisfaction with how my site looked, I didn't have the time or urge to do much for it. I also didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. But, after a few redesigns (I'm hopefully sticking with this one, fingers crossed...) I think I'm back! With more emphasis on what made my old site on neocities fun. That being a complete lack of knowledge in HTML and no desire to do "professional" work. I'm not a smart capybara, a lot of what the other lads do goes right over my head. My strength is in my art and I should concentrate more on that. So hopefully you'll be seeing more graphics and more fun things across my site!

So, I mentioned before that I'd been busy, so perhaps you're wondering, what has Caby been up to this year? Well, not much, to be quite frank, other than playing far too much Papa's Cheeseria. Or at least not much I can show you. My pc randomly decided it didn't wanna work with my graphics tablet back at the end of last year, so I was kinda stuck with my dad's old touchscreen laptop and stylus for a while. My pc is still being a big meanie so as a Christmas(?) present I got my current laptop, which I've been using to draw ever since.

But of course, one thing goes right, another goes wrong, and Medibang, my art program, started glitching out on me. I reinstalled it, installed an older version, fiddled around with the settings, and nothing seemed to fix it. I installed the same company's lighter art package, FireAlpaca and used that for a while, but it was restrictive and occasionally would have the same glitches as Medibang, so I felt it necessary to branch out, find pastures new. I tried out Krita first of all, which was fine until it wasn't. It just kinda... stopped working. I reinstalled and it did the same thing, spent a while looking up my problem and got no useful results. I decided that Krita must just take issue in me, and I respected their decision and uninstalled~

At the same time I got the month long free trial of Clip Studio, which happens to be what Borb uses. I was mostly apprehensive because it's the first time I've ever payed for an art package, even though Clip Studio is relatively cheap. In the end it won me over with the fact it, y'know, worked. Plus it has a nice array of brushes and a decently similar layout to Medibang.

Other than that? Uhhhh

I've had like seven art style freakouts this year, which is exciting considering I didn't really have one to begin with. Still playing with stuff but I'm mostly just letting a bit of my weeb influences back in after a few years of desperately ignoring them. Can take the weeb out of anime but you can't take the anime out of the weeb. It's a lifelong illness,,,

And! And and and, this day marks the end of Mermay, which I went nuts and decided to join in on this year. I'd recommend having a lookie-cookie at my Newgrounds to see all 31 entries, just to save me the trouble of uploading them all here. I had fun with it, experimented with colouring techniques, character design and anatomy, but lord am I glad it's over. I'm taking this month for myself so I can rest up for July. (Art Fight baybeeee)

Other than that, not much has happened. I'd like to say I'm happier than ever but 2020's doing everything in its power to ruin it for me. Nevertheless, still trundling on, still got a lot of cats left to draw~

You'll probably see more Pennyverse and Wyn's World this month, both of which are in need of a rename. I've been itching to do some character and world building, as well as straightening out plot details. Some redesigns in the bag for Pennyverse too! Just you wait until you see what I've done to Penny~

I also might've joined a zine because yayyy work, we'll see how that pans out

*cough* Anyway, that's all for now, I have much I wanna do, mostly on here and away from social media, that stuff's been taking its toll on me. I'm too soft for all this nonsense. Gonna spend some time living in 2004...


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