The Journal

11th of May, 2021


Heyo! Another journal entry, yeehaw. Been a little while.

So, I've been busy, one way or another. A particularly rocky time where I hopped out of all my servers on Discord to relax and reconfigure myself, a low point, followed by a gradual high of me getting a bit better, calming down, and opening commissions finally. I meant to do that back in January but it's been an extremely slow year for me. Either way, got a good amount of clients going and I've been working on that for the past couple days.

Other pretty neat online news being that I've randomly started getting way more favourites on DeviantART than I used to? Completely out of nowhere an upload got 100 favourites, and then the next, then 50, two 30s, another 100, and now 200! I try to avoid fixating on numbers because I know it's unhealthy, but it's pretty neat to know that a whole bunch of people like my art,,, u///u

I'm feeling pretty good and productive, too, so with any luck I won't be letting anyone down with waiting on more doodles.

Back on the subject of leaving my servers, I am now back in the Somnol server, as well as our lil Outposts server, so all good on that front! Everyone's been wonderfully patient with me and I can't be thankful enough. Especially Cammy, dude's got the patience of a saint,, Love ya, badger boy~ >///>

Good stuff ahead in any case >>:3c

Got my next work coach call in about an hour and a half, which is a little nervy. I have no idea what this one is going to be about. At least I can tell them I earned some money this time...

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