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12th of October, 2022


Had the sudden urge to write a journal entry, so here it is! I started college again on the fourth of last month, and its been good so far, if rather busy. It's actually in the same building as last time, though under a different name? All the tutors are new to me, except for the head tutor, who actually recognised me as I arrived,,

I'm finding it a whole lot easier this time around, and I'm determined to actually finish the course at last. I'm more hopeful about my chances, because I feel a bit more invested in the work, and a bit more confident, too. I've also found some friends! Which is super, super nice. We've got a little discord group chat going :]

It's also been nice getting out most days, having a good, concrete reason to be up and about at normal, human times and a reason to hop on the train into town every day. I've spent far more money than I would've usually, but I think that's alright. I fund my debilitating Tesco meal deal addiction with chibi commissions :P

I've been busy with it, though! College is a bunch of work, we're going at a crazy fast pace atm, making me do quite a bit of work from home to keep up with everything. Which is kind of a pain, in the sense that I have so much I want to work on in my own time, and I just haven't got around to a lot of it... I will though, especially with half term and then Christmas break not hugely far away. I do have plans for the site for Halloween, so I'd love to get to that in time. Something small but fun, in collaboration with the other good folks in Somnol!

But anywhom,, the site! Yeah, I've been neglecting this poor thing horribly. It's suffered the same fate as a lot of what I've got going on at the moment in that I started a bunch of stuff, and now I have a pile of half-finished projects that I've lost motivation on, not because I've lost interest in the idea, but because I'm just a bit buried under all of it.

I've been pondering just making smaller things for the site for a bit, things that I enjoy that aren't quite worthy of a whole subsite, but still interesting enough to do something with. Examples include the various vidya I've been playing recently, as I've gotten back into it more, as well as the books I've been reading. I actually have a blogpost in the works for one! Much happening,,,

But yeah, Cammy's suggested I cut down on what I have on my plate, and focus more on stuff I really want to do, as well as stuff I can complete quickly. It's easy to get trapped under a pile of to-do lists if you're not careful. That's not to say the subsites won't get completed, I just need to get back into the swing of things one step at a time. And a new art gallery! Seeing that I took the blog down all quietly >w>

Therapy appointment on Friday, my therapist tells me I'm about halfway through the therapy now, which is both nice yet kinda sad. I'm glad I got into therapy, I've definitely been feeling much more confident since I started, but on the other hand I'm gonna miss my therapist, she's so nice. I've been doing my best to keep up with the homework she sets, too, which is all stuff like "head into a shop by yourself" and such.

I've been feeling really determined in general recently, feels funny, it do.. Not used to myself being pushy like that. But it works, so I'm not complaining.

All go over here, lmao

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