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29th of February, 2024


Happy leap day!

There's about a week left of the boyf visiting, and right now much of what I'm thinking about is how much I'm gonna miss him when he heads back home. About 3,300 miles between us, across the Atlantic ocean. I'll get used to it again and it'll get back to normal, but it's definitely that period of time between then and him leaving that feels so very wrong. When he's here it feels comfortable, like he's always been here, and then suddenly he's not and there's no way of me visiting him on a whim, he can't walk up to meet me at uni, we can't hop on the train into town together, we can't spend hours in my room listening to music and doodling, can't sit on the sofa together watching TV.

He just interrupted my writing flow to tell me he's walking up to Lidl with my brother to buy snacks. He's getting me an iced coffee. And that's what I mean! It feels so natural and domestic now, for a long time there was this pressure to make things perfect and amazing and we're both a bit manic sometimes, but now that's worked out? Genuinely, love that boy.

It's absolutely gonna feel empty when he heads back. I'll have to figure out heading over to visit him sometime because my schedule is more flexible, just waiting on him to get his car,, Because you need one of those in Pennsylvania, hue.

On a more positive note, we've been watching Spaced together in the evenings and we're very nearly all the way through. I've been telling him for years that I think he'd enjoy it, and he has! I have too, it's been a while since I've watched it and it's still so much fun. It's such a fast-paced show with so many little details, which are my favourite.. We're also watching a bit of IT Crowd, another one I'm fond of, though it does lean a bit more into cringe comedy and the boyf can't deal with that stuff, lmao.

Trying to think of what other stuff he might enjoy watching, or stuff that'd be fun to watch together. We found a copy of the first live action Paddington movie on DVD for cheap at CEX so we're wanting to watch that too, I remember that being cute. Also maybe a few more episodes of Black Books? Ah man, also remembered he wants to watch Clerks with me, I've heard good things about it. Lots to watch!

These trips always start feeling so slow and laid back and then we hit the last week and remember all the stuff we were wanting to do together. We'll try to head out to Cardiff Bay sometime this week, he's trying to get through more of Pokemon Red so he can gather pokeys by trading with my 3DS, we're ordering Domino's tomorrow, and we're gonna watch lots of TV,,, which does include giggling at the late night ads on Channel 4,,,

All in all though, we're trying to make sure we have things to look forward to after all is said and done, and I think we're doing a pretty good job of it. He's got a couple projects he's looking forward to starting when he's back home and has access to his computers, and I'm definitely gonna be drawing up a storm. I'd like to add a bit more onto this site, actually! I have a couple ideas,,

- A page explaining how I put together my interactive images

- A section about my IRL guinea pigs

- Update my Art Fight Archive to include my 2023 attacks (I'm already looking forward to this year's event, I'm a sucker for it :P)

- Ponder special interest shrines, idea courtesy of foxbugforest.

- Page on this visit from the boyf! I've taken some cool photos :)

And more too, I'm certain! I'm excited, really, feeling good about things. Just hoping I can keep that up once I'm by myself again. We'll call and play videogames together, that'll help! Good times ahead, dammit.

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