The Journal

29th of April, 2021


Lookie me, still talking and thinking about the same stuff as usual. Less complaining this time though, which is neat. Short update this time bc it's late and I didn't sleep so good last night.

So after some discussion with my work coach, two things changed, one, it's now based on an agreement that I work on building my business, aka my commission work and such. The second thing was that I managed to talk a little about my anxiety, and they're looking into that. Don't entirely know what's going to happen, but I'm better off being honest rather than throwing myself into a stressful situation so suddenly.

So yeah, working on that, mostly, hence the lack of updates on this little humble site of mine. I've been having to concentrate my energy on sites with more traffic. It'll work out though, with any luck. I've been doing alright, really.

On the subject of concentration, I've frankly been all over the place, but I'm taking steps in the right direction, I think. I started using Trello again! Only a private one for now, as I don't have enough customers to need a queue. It's just for personal use to make sure I do something or other each day. Currently I have one commission, one art trade, and a couple casual commitments I took on. Shouldn't be too much work, getting back into it slowly. Been kinda depressed for a few months and I want to shake the cobwebs off sooner rather than later.

Beyond that, once things get a bit more stable, I do want to try and work on this site more! I miss it a bunch, I do. Elder Scrolls site is still a fun idea, and I should probably add to more of my smaller pages too, bulk it out with things to peek at,,

Whole lot I wanna do, really, supremely hard to narrow it down. In danger of both alienating what audience I have and tiring myself out completely, yet I still wanna do more. Life is funny like that. Eh, I'll figure it out.


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