sleeping cabybaba

I'm not planning on keeping a dreamjournal. I just had a really weird dream and wanted to keep a record of it.

EDIT - So here's another dream I guess. I had to document is simply because it was so long, and made no sense.

EDIT No.2 - Screw it. Dream journal

(WARNING): Some entries will have swearing or other rude things, as well as bizarre imagery or gore, so if you're not into that, you better go (BACK)

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
"Go to sleep. Everything is all right."

Why are so many of my dreams related to supermarkets???

03/08/2023 - 10:25am

Dreamt about watching a video where a woman talks about giving her dog to her dad for a couple weeks while she was busy, showing footage of a dog running through beautiful natural landscapes and swimming through a lake or something. Says she had to do this because she was on a scientific research team swimming with great white sharks, shows a slideshow of her hanging out with great white sharks, her sitting on chunks of floating ice in the ocean and the great white sharks sticking their heads out of the water. She says it was a unique experience and while it ruined her ability to control when she peed, she did manage to swim at speeds of up to 225mph.

Cut to being back at some kind of research facility, where I am physically there and the lady is showing me these three animals that she had on her team while swimming with great white sharks. What animals they are keeps changing, initially they're sort of otters, but then they become beavers, and then monkeys. Whatever they are, she says they're unable to be released into the wild because they have ailments. One of the monkeys is bald and he manages to escape past me from the enclosure into the hallway. I joke that because it's bald that it just looks like some bloke. My brain promptly forgets it's a monkey due to this and I have a pretty pleasant conversation with him until he says something homophobic and it gets kinda awkward. Then I wake up.

Oh and somewhere in all of this I snuck into the kitchen in an abandoned fast food place (vague brand, brain made it up) and made myself a cookies and cream milkshake. It was pretty cool.

02/04/2023 - 8:38am

Dreamt I was watching a documentary about pigeons that had a lot of cool drone shots following the pigeons as they flew around and did sick tricks in the air. Documentary was presented by an older man in a trench coat and despite blatantly having drone shots otherwise had the appearance of a 1970s BBC documentary. Shot on film with a muted palette and a quiet, calm atmosphere.

My brain doesn't really know anything about pigeons so instead of any kind of information about pigeons it was instead more of a biography piece where they told the personal stories of individual pigeons. One of the pigeons was inexplicably friends with Hitler 30 years ago? Not sure if that meant it was actually buddies with him or that he was Hitler's pet pigeon or something. Not sure how the pigeon hadn't died of old age either, but I didn't question it at the time.

The dream then changed to me watching a different documentary about the making of a horror movie about the manager of a shopping centre being stalked by a mysterious killer. Early 80s horror aesthetic, shot on film again. The movie was more of a videogame, because the character kept dying and then the movie would restart. Despite my brain labelling it as a shopping centre, the entire thing was set in some kind of basement warehouse where the guy was trying to switch on the floodlights and a higher up kept switching them off again to save money. Every time the lights went out the killer would get him. There was no resolution.

10/09/22 - 11:52am

had a dream where I was looking after someone's pokemon for them but their pokemon were just guinea pigs. when I viewed them on the computer (I had some kind of pokemon organising software that showed a lil icon, name and stats, and then their value, all of the ones I was temporarily looking after were worth like $1500.)they were pokemon, but I also had an enclosure in this house I was in for them to live in, and in there they were blatantly guinea pigs.

My guinea pigs were also in there, though they did count as mine in the dream.

I wanted to take all the guinea pigs with me because I felt the enclosure they were in (it was made of glittery, slightly transparent, pink and purple plastic, and was impossible for you to reach into other than through a tunnel to the side which was just open at all times, meaning guinea pigs were able to just wander out onto a table.) wasn't good and they were being neglected. So I spent a good deal of time picking up guinea pigs and putting them in a carry case.

When I did this, the pokemon would move from one page in the software, which I'm guessing was the other person's profile, onto mine, with a line break between my pokemon (which were my guinea pigs, but again, appeared as normal pokemon in the software.). I take a screenshot and post it to somnol and tell everyone what I'm doing, but no one seems to notice that I tell them they're guinea pigs, and instead just talk about it like they're normal pokemon. Someone tells me it's a bad idea because the pokemon are so valuable, I might get in legal trouble.

Then I wake up.

11/07/21 - 11:38am

Had a dream where I lived in a castle as some sort of worker in a fantasy realm. I'm stood in front of ye olde corner shop holding my ye olde plastic bag of ye olde groceries, surrounded by the wooden walls that protected the castle. I figured out this princess was there against her father's wishes being rebellious, and the whole place kinda sucked and was dodgy and criminal so I was trying to convince her to leave. She accuses me of treating her like a child and gets kinda stroppy so I walk off.

A guy who had been spying on us asks me why I walked off and I told him that the "skryfe" disturbed me. I note that he has an identical twin brother that I was not aware of beforehand, and that's how how he was able to spy on me. They both kinda look like a medieval version of Filch.

Turns out a skryfe is some sort of dragon-y thing, which is currently flying overhead. It mostly just looks like a traditional western dragon but with a big head with wonky teeth and whiskers?

I run out of the castle and into grassland dotted with patches of trees. A dirt path runs through this and quite a few people are walking along it. One one side of the road I see another creature, this one's a giant lizard with black scales, four tall, muscular legs and a head very similar to a komodo dragon. It was a good bit bigger than an elephant. Very similar to paraceratherium but a lizard version.

Then as I'm walking along, I see a 20 foot tall bigfoot, so I start running. Then I see another, and another. They're all walking in a row in one direction, for the most part calmly passing by humans who seemed unperturbed by everything going on around them. A few of the apes are holding bows and arrows, though mostly pointing them dead ahead.

This is when I notice another group of bigfoots walking in a row the other way, heading directly towards the first group of bigfoots. The first group are a warm brown and the second group are blueish-black.

I say "it's a family meeting" to my friend who has suddenly began to exist. We're walking right in the middle of these two groups, and the further down the line we go, the more numerous the apes get, and the more clustered together their groups become. Luckily for us as they close in, they're now human-sized and it's just like being in a busy crowd.

Then I wake up and my neck hurts because I slept funny.

06/08/20 - 3:15pm (it was a rough day,,)

I'm going to a high school arranged meet up about going to uni