Caby Rambles

Sometimes I just spew out random thoughts into text files, and sometimes those thoughts can get quite long and rambly. I've never really been comfortable with having an actual blog for my thoughts and feelings like Cammy has, but I do like to write about what I'm thinking about. So I thought maybe putting them on a static page would be a nice workaround. Like my dream journal but less themed. I've tried this before but I think I put too much pressure on myself to write long posts, and regularly. So here there will be no need to update, and no need for the updates to have any substance. I find I make my best work in those circumstances,,

So yeah, stuff is ordered from latest to oldest, and I'll put the date in which I write them at the top. Enjoy!

16/02/22 - Click here if you want to see a Garfield plushie!

01/01/22 - *Dusts this journal off,,*

05/10/21 - Haven't been eating enough apples.

11/05/21 - Short, but pretty sweet.

29/04/21 - More of the same, but less grumpy!

19/03/21 - Ramblings about taxes, or something.

10/03/21 - Computer bad, trees good.