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29/02/24 - Small update, added a new journal entry! Also, made some little 88x31s because I missed having one,,

28/02/24 - Been a while! Welcome to my new site, it's not completely finished, I intend to keep updating it, but it's nice just to have something up again after so long.
[EDIT]: Actually, went a little nutso and got it all done! Very pleased, hope folks like it,,

06/11/22 - Back to the usual theme for nowww, and the Halloween event in full can be found in my junk pile! Hope everyone had a good time this Halloween. Onto Christmas!

16/02/22 - Added a new post to my journal! Also I'm sleepy. That's about it for now -w-

20/01/22 - Updated the Cammy shrine, making it bigger and better, to celebrate our third anniversary! Love you so much, Cammy! <3 <3 <3
(Also literally just realised that the vertical align on this table cell was centered instead of at the top, fixed that,,)

06/01/22 - Small update! I decided to join the Yesterweb Webring, so you'll see a little widget on this page now, have a click around if you want to see some new personal sites from fellow weirdos :]
Beyond that, I have two site sections in the works atm, so look forward to that!

01/01/22 - Happy New Year! Have a lil blogpost I did for the group blog for this occasion. Sorry for the lack of updates, I still plan to write something for this site regarding future plans. Hope anyone reading had a lovely holiday season. Welcome back the usual site them, and enjoy a new SOTN!
UPDATE: Posted a new journal entry rambling about the new year and my hopes for it, if you wanna peek.

05/12/21 - I did it! I made a festive theme! It's got lots of piggos and warm colours in it, because it makes me happy. Habby Chrimbus, one and all!
I'll hopefully have a longer update up later this month detailing my plans for the new year. For now though, enjoy the sparkles and the lil festive musical offering in the SOTN.

01/11/21 - Took down the site theme, seeing that it's November now. Nothing else to report for now,, Other than the fact I'm wondering about making a festive, christmassy site theme for December.

30/10/21 - Made a little Halloween page, in case ya wanna check that out. It's just some photos of the pumpkins we carved this year, but it was a lot of fun, and it felt suitable for the site, so why not?~

20/10/21 - I've been too busy to plan out and create an event this year for Halloween, but Candy Corn appears this time of year regardless! As such, I made this little spooky, magical redesign of my site, only up for as long as Candy Corn is hanging out here~
I might make some other spooky stuff before the 31st, and if I do, I'll throw em here too. Happy Halloween!

05/10/21 - Added another entry to my journal, written to pass the time while my internet dieded.

22/09/21 - With a bunch of help from Cammy, I now have a new section! It's the Art Fight Archive and it can be found here. Big collection of drawings, currently 188 images, a lot of which can only be found here. How fancy~

27/07/21 - Can't remember when I did this, but a little while back I edited the Somnolescent Navigator box on DCB's site and threw it on my index. I then promptly forgot to upload it. So yeah, here ya go :P
Don't know if it works, but hopefully!

15/07/21 - Teeny lil update, added stuff and moved stuff around on my contact page, and made some minor changes to my about page. Also have more SOTN because yes.

13/07/21 - Is the early morning and I've yet to sleep yet, but I felt I should post this. I actually got this done on the 11th but didn't feel like adding it on as an edit to that day's update. Just a goofy lil page I threw together for a dormant domain I was given. Mostly just pleased with the dumb gifs I made for it.

11/07/21 - Long time no update. Sadly only a small one again, I added a dream to the dream journal. Can't believe it's been nearly a year since I had a dream, or at least one I can remember. More updates to come next month and onward, beforehand I was bogged down with commissions and currently I'm partaking in Art Fight. So yeah, be on a look out!

11/05/21 - Yet another journal entry while I work on other stuff not to do with the site. Beyond that, I do have ideas! Just got other things I need to do first,, Also! More SOTN :3

29/04/21 - Another journal entry! Something shorter this time because I continue to be both floaty and busy. Strange old times we're living in. And as always, another Song of the Now.

19/03/21 - Posted another thing to that ramble journal. Other than that, my hands are currently empty! Working on web stuffs that aren't to do with my site. Oh, and have another Song of the Now.

10/03/21 - Another monthly Art Blog entry completed. Plua a lil journal added to the Junk pile. Only one entry so far but I'll try to update it when I have a reason to.

05/02/21 - While I haven't finished any of the site stuff I've been working on, I have added a rotating banner ad thingy to the bottom of the page, which was way easier to do than I was expecting. I also updated my monthly art blog.

30/01/21 - Big update! At least visually, as I made a brand new design for my main site, as well as taking the opportunity to update some formatting and wording on some of the pages, most notably my about page. I'm really quite pleased with how it looks, and with any luck, it'll stay like this for a while,,,
Other than that, site updates are still on the way! Some updates to the Spooky Zone and perhaps a new subsite, we'll see...

20/01/21 - Mine and Cammy's second anniversary was today! We played Stardew and called u///u
Other than that, some site updates in the works, apologies for the silence!

25/11/20 - Been busy recently with real world stuff, but I have managed to write a lil blogpost, and am planning to write another sometime soon. Other than that, a lot of arty stuff that I can't show you... Oh, and I've moved from capy.somnol to caby.somnol! Small change, my sona's called Caby officially now. Cammy's made it so that everything redirects nicely if you click a link to the old url, fancy~
[EDIT] Also made a new button finally and added it to the sidebar, so that's neat,,

07/11/20 - Finally took down the Halloween decorations for the year, took me a little while because doing things in a timely manner is overrated... Other updates include my Art Gallery entry for October, that went up a little while ago, as well as a kinda big update on my Neopets subsite! Added a bunch of old drawings that I rediscovered earlier today.

03/10/20- Oh lord it's been a while again. Just totally lost interest in everything for a bit, been gradually picking everything back up. And now I can proudly say I actually have some content for ya. You'll see in the new and shiny sidebar that there's two subsites, Neopets and Spooky Zone. Do check em out, I put a lot of work into them and they're unique from the rest of the site! Brand new layouts and everything.
Other than that, working on bits and pieces, including updating the art section. Soon, I tell you, soon!

01/06/20 - New colourscheme! The old one felt flat and monochromatic so I went on a little search for something better, and decided upon this little number! It's a gameboy palette from what I can tell, feels a bit more suiting. Other than that, a couple tweeks here and there, as well as some new graphics! Only one or two, I'm planning on adding more as I go. Wanna make site building fun for myself again.
[A longer update...]

16/05/20 - You ever put your life and soul into something, get a lot of positive feedback, and then just... not like something? Yeah, that happened to me with this site. I still like the banners a lot! I wanted to keep those. But I also felt a strong urge to respect my roots somehow, so the CGA aesthetic returns.... sort of. The colours are different but I prefer these ones uwu. Hope you do too~
Oh and Song Of The Now makes a return after like... 2 years.

25/04/20 - Small update, edited the mobile css to work a bit slicker, replaced the text with icons. (You can shrink your browser to see this update for yourself if you're on your computer!) I also made some general aesthetic changes, thinking it's working better than before.

23/04/20 - Hi there! New site design, very exciting I know. Spent a decent amount of time on this, do tell me if you find anything glitchy or broken. Overall though I'm pleased with the final results, even if it was frustrating at times... Anyhow, do check out all the new stuff! Art Gallery has also returned, after a couple months of silence on that front <:3c

02/03/20 - Hi, welcome back! You might've noticed some pretty big changes around here. That is for one simple reason. I got very tired of my site design! I also got tired of how messy and confusing it was to work on behind the scenes. I'd failed to really tidy up too much during my redesign and it got to be too much rather quickly.
So, currently you can see many of the pages are missing. This includes the Cavy Castle and the Art Gallery. Stuff will be back eventually, but I'm mixing things up this time around. My aim this time is to make it as easy to update as possible, to incentivise me actually doing anything.
The Cavy Castle will eventually be its own subdomain! I have big things planned for it. And Cameron is going to help me convert my Art Gallery to Wordpress, to make it much easier to update. It might also act as a normal blog but we'll see what happens as we go along. The about me section is still here, and my Junk Pile is still functional, though in dire need of an update

24/11/19 - I am supremely busy at the moment so apologies for lack of updates. Just trying something new with this section by using an iframe! I dunno if this is gonna work but if it does it means you'll see all my updates right here uwu, oh gosh. Also means I don't have to update the front page every time I write something here.
(UPDATE): Cripes so something on the main page broke and then I realised I didn't like the layout enough to bother fixing it. So uh, new mainpage!

07/11/19 - Spook month is very much over and I forgot to update the front page, oopsie! There uh, should be more content coming soon uwu

22/10/19 - Clicky clicky linky linky spooky spooky... Oops ya missed it...

17/09/19 - I finally got my gotdamn art gallery update out for last month... Gonna try my bestest to get this month's one out at a reasonable time.. Gah. Other than that, I'm working on a page about different guinea pig breeds for the Cavy Castle! Gonna try and fill this site out a little more.

02/09/19 - Golly, a new site from mon and a big update from borb! Now I gotta think of something... Well, art gallery update should be up soon, so there's that! And I dunno, might be writing more~

27/08/19 - I keep gotdamn forgetting to update this site... So! This month has been busy. I've done a couple things, most notably created refsheets for all Pennyverse characters! Cameron and I also finished off all of the more detailed bios on This can all be found here. I also went about creating a DeviantART group. A little warning, it's ran by Diesel~ (UPDATE) mon's site is here. And it's stylish!

28/06/19 - Total site overhaul! Was getting rather tired of what I had going on before, so I up-ended everything and started over, apart from one or two pages. But golly, I even redid the Monkees archive. Have a look around, see what you can find! Hope you like it uwu

20/05/19 - Remind me to actually upload stuff to the site umu. My is currently far more active. Need to update my Badger Gallery and redo my main art gallery. Plus I still have that Pennyverse one in the works. Might re-jig the site for the hell of it, too, I miss my CGA guinea pigs :'( On the subject of guinea pigs, wrote a little something on the group blog!

17/04/19 - Discord server died. Press F. What an explosive way to go!

07/04/19 - What's this? A Discord server?

01/04/19 - flareon

31/03/19 - What's this? An actual update?? How exciting. The Badgers Appreciation Art Gallery is now online, go check it out! Many much badgers, including a couple that aren't online anywhere else! It's also horribly soft. I can't help it...

15/03/19 - Carrot has began work on her site! Check that out! The link on my about now links to the site instead of her deviantart. It's her first time working with HTML, too.

11/03/19 - Hi again! Sorry muchly for the lack of updates, college is keeping me rather busy. But, some small things to mention. For one, the site should now be mobile friendly! (Yes, even the Monkees fanfiction page). Please notify me if you find any issues with it. It's been tested on Windows and iphone, so it'd be neat to see what it looks like on Android. Also, I got my laptop back up and running after a couple months of issues. First the charging port broke and it had to be sent off for repairs, and then soon after I got it back, the charging cable broke. But it's all working again! So hopefully I'll get more sitebuilding done :3c

19/02/19 - The site is still being updated, just haven't really posted anything worth mentioning on the front page. I posted a blog post earlier on, if that's anything. Added pixel art that Cammy made to my about page, you can also see it on his site, in full colour. I love it a lot.

25/01/19 -

01/01/19 - Habby New Year!

29/12/18 - Just about everything is in place now on the site. I've added my shitposts as well as the beginnings of a blog to the Junkyard, and everything except Cavy Castle has content. Current aim is to add some content to Cavy Castle. It's been months now, that poor old castle is desolate.
Also! It is my birthday. I am 19 entire years old now. uwu

20/12/18 - Moved from to, thanks to my good friend, mariteaux. You know how one of the ways cults keep their members is by isolating them from friends and family? This is the internet version of that.