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The Neopian Times

So Neopets has a newspaper, named the Neopian Times, and it's all built from user-submitted articles, stories and comics. There's also regular Q&A's with the Neopets Staff about upcoming events and such. It's a fantastic thing and has successfully updated weekly for 20 years.

I have submitted to it once. If you search my username, you can still find it.

I can't find the original res version of this submission, though that doesn't matter too much, as the Neopian Times size requirements are far less aged than the Art Gallery.

But what I have stumbled on is the original version of this comic, as I apparently drew it, didn't like it, and started again from scratch. I think this was worth it, I still prefer the new version. But it's interesting to see in any case.

The original The final version

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