You enter Konpeito's room...

Stood outside the house, you look up at the night sky. Admiring the tranquil beauty of the soothing darkness dotted with a smattering of little, sparkling stars, you notice one is much larger than the others... Staring at it a little longer in curiosity, you notice it start to warp. Suddenly a guinea pig appears in the sky! And that guinea pig's name is Konpeito.


Another supernatural being, Konpeito appears around New Year's Eve, to encourage introspection and enthusiasm for the future. A blonde Abyssinian guinea pig, she has the ability to fly and to manifest beautiful fireworks all around her. She might disappear after the celebrations, but her good vibrations and inspiration remain, encouraging those who met her to try real hard at their resolutions for the new year.

Both the most recent addition and technically the oldest character out of the lineup, Konpeito is a redesign of an old fursona from when I was little! She had firework powers and I remember being a little kid watching the fireworks both on Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve and imagining her flying around up there, sprinkling a magic dust out of a satchel that created the fireworks above me... So when I rediscovered her, I decided she'd make for a fun site character, a magical figure that appears during New Year's Eve!

Her profile: [LINK]

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