You enter Sweet Po's room...

A fair sized room with a warm, comforting fireplace roaring away in one corner, a large bookcase full of all kinds of books, and a comfy, rather old looking armchair. Sat in said chair, reading something about BBC programming from the 1970s, is Sweet Po.

Sweet Po

The leader of the group and the first guinea pig to call this site home, Sweet Po is a friendly, level-headed sorta guy who loves tinkering with HTML and making new friends! He's a self coloured American shorthair with orange fur, usually seen wearing a green shirt and blue trousers.

Originally I designed Sweet Po back in 2017 on Neocities, inspired by a site toy which was a virtual pet of sorts. "Sweet Potato" didn't fit in the naming field, and thus 'Sweet Po' was born!

His profile: [LINK]

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