You enter Torrone Morbido's room...

To put it simply, it's the basement. Rather darkly lit thanks to the only light source being a single dangling bulb, with many blurry photos lining the walls, connected by threads of red string, it's a bit spooky and very cluttered. Tinkering away frantically on an old computer is Torrone Morbido.

Torrone Morbido

A friend of Sweet Po and Marshmallow, Torrone has taken up residence in the pair's basement. He's a rather unique character, fixated on all things supernatural and mysterious and bringing them to light for a skeptic, unappreciative public. He runs a website documenting his discoveries and research, which he takes very, very seriously, even if no one else seems to... He himself is strange in many ways, including his breed, a bicolour Sheba Mini Yak!

Torrone Morbido was created while I was on holiday back in 2017, and I wasn't immediately sure what I wanted to do with him. Eventually I decided I'd have him host a subsite dedicated to an interest of mine, supernatural silliness. Finally that came to fruition, in the form of The Spooky Zone.

His profile: [LINK]

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