Torrone Morbido

I hope so far you have ENJOYED my site, and have found it INFORMATIVE. If you're on this here page, you must be CURIOUS as to who the GREAT MIND behind all of this IMPORTANT information is....

Well, it is I, TORRONE MORBIDO, an alien SCIENTIST and cryptid EXPERT, as well as a knowledgeable person on MANY strange subjects.... I am but a simple GUINEA PIG with a PASSION for anything SPOOKY, UNEXPLAINED and HIDDEN by governments around the world...

I may risk my very LIFE in this line of work, and my friends may occasionally call me SILLY and NUTSO, but it is IMPORTANT work, and I therefore feel HONOURED to be completing it.. u_u

Caby returning here, to talk about little old Torrone from a less,,,, silly perspective.

Torrone Morbido is one of four guinea pig characters that populate this site, one who was created back on my original host, with plans to use him to host a section on aliens, a plan that never came to fruition.

I designed him while on holiday in a caravan in the summer of 2018, he's an offwhite, bicolour sheba mini yak, and his design has remained consistent since then. His name, some sort of italian nougat, was suggested by this very cool person.

His main concept is that he's a paranoid, dramatic doof with a love of all things unexplainable, and an urge to prove their existence. I accidentally dressed him like the main character from the Postal videogame series, but this was on accident, genuinely didn't know the game existed before this was pointed out.

For a good... 3 years? He sat in wait, occasionally popping up on my site, still homeless without a suitable spooky section. Until now! As of the,,, 2nd of October, 2020, The Spooky Zone lives!