The Tree

During a pretty rubbish time in early January of 2019, just before we started dating, I drew Cammy and I's fursonas, sat beneat a tree with flowers in their hair. It became something special and positive for the both of us during those tricky times, and I've tried to revisit it around each anniversary as a result. I've decided to put together a page collecting all of these, including ones that never made it out into the public eye. I hope you enjoy, Cammy~ u///u

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2019 2020 2021 2022
The original! The main change here was the art program, from Medibang to Clip Studio Paint. An experiment in changing the background! Sadly never finished... Back to basics, but with some more fantasy-inspired clothes~

Also, here's the timelapse video I made for the 2022 version! So you can see my process :>

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