Other places on the web to find my work and contact me!

Discord - Pretty much online the whole time I'm awake, will likely get a response within a day if not within minutes. Known to lurk in servers :pensive:

E-Mail - For if you're old school~ I'm not great at remembering to check my email, so no hard feelings if it takes me a while to reply, just know that I will!

And here are some other sites I have accounts on;

Twitter - Less active than I used to be, and that's saying something, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting stuff there, and I should reply to DMs, though I prefer E-Mail.

Toyhouse - Where I keep my characters, their bios and all of their art. Not always up to date, but a pretty good collection of stuff nonetheless. (More up to date now, thanks to the boyf uploading stuff for me, what a kind boy!)

ArtStation - My newest account, it's where I plan to upload favourites and more detailed stuff, I avoid the word "professional" but I think that's what ArtStation wants,,,

Accounts which are currently or permanently inactive for whatever reason;