December 2020

Last post for 2020! It’s a little late but I’ve been busy setting stuff up, I’ll probably post a bigger update elsewhere about all that, so let’s just get right into the art!

Starting off with a bit more Pinede, here’s a character concept I’m working on. She’s an albino red squirrel and she’s blind, but with a penchant for magic, she’s got crazy good hearing too. No name or backstory yet, and the town I’d like her to live in doesn’t yet exist.

She’s cute though,,,

A Penny! A simple doodle that I did to test out the new feature in Clip Studio, the timelapse function. You record your drawing process and it spits out a video for you to do whatever with it, very neat. Other than that, quite fond of the lineart on this, pleasingly messy. Penny’s always fun to draw,,,

Eloise! I hadn’t drawn her in a while,,,
So, basically, while I was going through old art to do some end of the year comparisons, I found some stuff in March where I used this one big, textured brush to draw. Now I still use it all the time for my backgrounds, but I hadn’t used it to line and colour lads since then. So that’s what I did!

This Eloise came out of that, and I think she looks super cute. I should really use this brush more, it takes some patience but it’s fun and I get good results.

Not Pinede but still a fantasy twist! Just something fun to amuse Cammy and I,,, A more anthro Cammy, ready for adventure and magic, with a cape, because capes are cool :3c

A wild mon appears and threatens you with a can of Tab! A spur of the moment version of this goofy meme that he sent in the groupchat. It suited him.

And last but certainly not least, a big, comfy group pic I did to celebrate the winter season with the lads. Cammy and Caby’s inn, situated in Caerpinwyd, where they and their friends from across the world of Pinede meet on a snowy winter night to share stories and enjoy a warm drink or two…

This version is shrunk down because the original is utterly massive and too big to fit just about everywhere. Either way, I’m pleased with it, I think I succeeded in making it look cosy,,,

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  1. Cammy Says:

    Ah man, it’s not here, but the Eloise at the big stony cathedral window was one of my favorites of yours from this month >:3c

    I have,,,,elected to upload it here as an honorary addition to this post uwu

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