April 2021

I’m a man of my word (woman of my word?), here’s April! 😀

A fun little design I did where I attempted to turn my Elder Scrolls character Blivo into someone who could realistically fit into Pinede. Thus, caracal Blivo was born! She’s shorter and more animalistic, but still very much the curious, slightly thieving kitty she always is. And she still loves dragons!

Let’s get art style whiplash right at the start of this post by making this the next image. Recently I’ve been a little fixated on My Little Pony, specifically generation 1. As such, one of the things I’ve been trying to do is to imitate the style of the cartoon as best I can on modern equipment. This here is my first attempt I did, with my ponysona Moon Blossom and a simple background. I’m still pretty pleased with it, though I’ve made more ambitious pieces since, which I will absolutely be showing on this here blog soon enough~

Nothing particularly noteworthy about this Wyn, other than the fact I somehow failed to post it anywhere when I made it. Just sorta got lost in the flow of other drawings. He’s a cute lad, anyway,,

Looks a little demonic without his eye shines but he can make it work.

New piggo pal? New piggo pal!

Konpeito here is the newest addition to my collection of piggo characters that populate this site, and the first female! She’s a magical being like Candy Corn, with blonde fur and the ability to fly and create firework displays from her paws. She’s around during New Years and Christmas, before disappearing off into the sky for the rest of the year.

She’s based on an old fursona I had as a kid, who was also a guinea pig with the same magical powers, though a different colourscheme and no outfit,, You can see her here, the only remaining art I have of her. It’s not visible in this drawing but she did also have a star hairclip!

Had to include this one~

A self indulgent drawing of Cammy and Caby dressed like hippies, of course with flowers in their hair,, Not much to say about this one, I just like it, and Cammy does too! :>

One thing to mention is the style, it’s another one of the retro-inspired styles I’ve been working on, using a mixture of art style, colours, more organic brushes and of course a ton of filters,, Though I’m trying to narrow those down.

Not the most exciting end piece in the world, but definitely a cute one, have a Cammaroo that I drew on a whim and like very much,, Looks like Cammy’s gonna stay as a blumaroo, and I can’t say I have any complaints, blumaroos are adorable~

2 Responses to “April 2021”

  1. Cammy Says:

    Wyn? Cabycammy?? Blivo??? Blumaroos????

    This is why you’re my favorite artist~ >///>

  2. caby Says:

    much more of all of that to come~
    no less for my favourite writer~,, >///>

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