May 2021

Several days late posting one of these? How out of character for me!

Mostly concentrated on my social media presence and commissions this month, so I don’t really have anything to post here that hasn’t been posted elsewhere, so let me start with a drawing of Bunny holding one of my pet piggos, Rosemary!

Continuing the theme and aesthetics of the retro style, I have a lot of fun with it. Gradually figuring out new ways to make it look all nice and aged. Not entirely sure why she’s holding Rosemary, I think I just felt like drawing something a bit different.

A little piece of fanart I drew for a Twitter account I follow. They post regular updates about the wildlife that visits their garden, especially a family of badgers, the patriarch of which they’ve lovingly named “Mr Lumpy”.

He has a little wooden shed in the garden which they set up for the badgers, and it’s got a sign across the top of the door saying “Lumpy’s Shack”. I could just picturing him sat in a rocking chair outside his little home, so I had to draw it!

I had a sudden urge to redraw something, and so I redrew one of the first things I drew in Clip Studio when I got it about a year and a bit ago, a drawing of this cat lady relaxing in a green dress. I’m actually rather pleased with the results, I hadn’t realised I’d improved in subtle ways in that time. Both in my general art skills and also my ability to work the program.

Here’s the original, too, in case you’d also like to compare. It’s from January 2020. I might’ve posted it in my entry for that month on this blog, but I can’t be bothered to check right now.

Sidenote, I just noticed that the filename for the original version is a song title from the band Fairport Convention, when the design is blatantly inspired by the lead female singer of Pentangle. What the heck, past Caby.

(Click him to see the animation, the preview is just a still image -_-)

Ah yes, the rare random piece of animation from Caby. This time it’s a real quick and dirty sketch of Seb turning a page in a book. Despite the fact it’s like 20 minutes work and super scribbly, I’m pretty pleased with the general gesturing in it, so that’s why I included it here. I should draw Seb more. I should draw pennyverse more!

Speaking of pennyverse, the last two entries in this post are gonna be just that,,

So, as most artists at least know about, if they don’t take part themselves, Art Fight happens every July. And I love it, it’s great fun. And this year was the first year where I was truly happy with Cat’s design, so I decided to add her to my list of attackable characters. Each of the pennyverse lads on my profile have their own custom icons to show a tidbit of their personality, so I had to make one for Cat too. And here it is!

I’m real happy with this, how she turned out, how the background turned out. It’s her sat on her porch with a cup of tea, watching the sunset. And despite the fact I couldn’t find the brushes I used for the initial batch of icons, she fits right in with the rest of them. Have her totally-not-boyfriend Seb, and resident good boy Colton as examples.

And lastly, a random idea I had, that I might do someday, maybe. I watched a bunch of Soldier, Poet, King animation memes back when those were relevant, and it’s one of my favourites. I always thought it kinda suited the pennyverse trio, too.

So now I have editing software and am decently competent with animating in FireAlpaca, I might have a go at making that idea a reality when I have some free time. Until then, have a doodle of it instead.

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