Lost Pieces

Hi! Caby here again to ramble about the site. So while I was figuring out this site, I ended up creating one or two drawings that I ended up not using, as I hadn't figured out the art direction yet. They're nothing special buuut I might as well show them to you, in case you were curious...

So before I made the decision to use a painterly style, I made these simple, cartoony stand-ins, 5 minute jobs so I could figure out the layout. I obviously replaced them but I still think they have some character. Oh, and here's a cartoony ancestor to the cow down at the bottom of the page too, also kinda cute!

I also briefly pondered using photos for added goofiness, but it looked bad and I decided against it...

And finally, in case anyone was curious, have the original sketch for the welcome image, complete with the original title. Slightly less catchy, eh?~