Other Strangeness

Here I have collected other INTERESTING thingies and doodads that I thought one might find USEFUL in some way.

First off, >this site which has supplied me with MANY starry backgrounds and GLOSSY PNG files. Not inherently spooky but GOOD nonetheless. Many moons, many stars, lots of PURPLE.

Next, >this here site, which discusses SPIRITUAL TRAVEL, where your SOUL leaves your BODY to go on ADVENTURES. There are MANY WORDS on this website and I have yet to read them all...

Thirdly, >this site which is a VERY GOOD collection of photos and information about SPACE, which is useful to know, as this is where the aliens come from. WARNING, there is MATHEMATICS on this site.

ANOTHER good place to get SPOOKED is on a STRANGE little VIDEO HOSTING website, and I'll thusly list a few channels to CHECK OUT.

Plainly Difficult A channel dedicated to going IN-DEPTH into MAN-MADE disasters, especially of the NUCLEAR variety. Explains HOW and WHY they happen, as well as the AFTERMATH.
That Chapter A channel that goes into both EXPLAINED and UNEXPLAINED murders and disappearances, with LIGHT HUMOUR sprinkled in wherever possible.
Bedtime Stories A channel dedicated to mysteries and SPOOKINESS, DETAILED and SKILLFUL illustrations, narration and sound design to REALLY take you into the story.
Shrouded Hand From ALIEN ENCOUNTERS to MYSTERIOUS INCIDENTS, Shrouded Hand does it all. A wide variety of SPOOKINESS on this channel.
Lazy Masquerade Another narration channel, this time covering usually ONLINE mysteries, such as WEBSITES and SOCIAL MEDIA accounts, though also the occasional IRL case, lots of ATMOSPHERE.

That is all...... FOR NOW!