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Captain's Log

28/02/2024 - Got this subsite back up and running! Hopefully I'll add to it sometime,,

07/11/2020 - Discovered some more old art, so some of the low res gallery has been moved to full res, and more in general has also been added to full res. So many tiny thumbnails... I've doubled the number of drawings, plus added a few small pixels for flavour.

24/06/2020(part 2?) - IT IS DONE, MUAHAHAHAHAAAA!! My laptop's only slightly melted and I haven't died yet, so I'd count this whole experience as a success.

24/06/2020 - Bloo and Efoni's character pages have been built! Got a good outline now of what I want on each, so the others shouldn't take too long. Very close to finished now, very hype >w>

23/06/2020 - Captain's Log! BecauseI love those things,,, Have spent the last... 2-3 days? working on this, and I've still got some bits and pieces to add, namely the character pages, links, as well as the finishing touches to the history page. All in all though, pleased with how this is turning out!