The Journal

This is my journal space, where I throw my thoughts and feelings about whatever when it's either about my site or not really worth putting on the group blog. Expect a lot of rambling and points that don't really go anywhere. Click one of the entries below to peek.

29/02/24 - Ah, I'm a sap.

27/02/24 - Things are looking up!

04/02/24 - Okay, now you're really pushing it,,,,

12/10/22 - Cabyyyy where have you been,,,

16/02/22 - Click here if you want to see a Garfield plushie!

21/01/22 - Art VS The Internet

01/01/22 - *Dusts this journal off,,*

05/10/21 - Haven't been eating enough apples.

11/05/21 - Short, but pretty sweet.

29/04/21 - More of the same, but less grumpy!

19/03/21 - Ramblings about taxes, or something.

10/03/21 - Computer bad, trees good.

10/06/20 - An update for my life and my site.

12/11/18 - Originally placed in junk, I realise now it'd fit here,,

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